Scrapbooking 2017 // This Happened

This layout idea was scraplifted from Inkie Quill. I loved her layout with the mixed media vellum. I also saw the story idea from someone in Ali Edwards craft the story fb group, where they documented the numbers of the month or year. I’m not currently subscribed to Ali’s story kits but I love the idea so I thought I’d try.


Circles made with watercolor tissues die cut into shape. 

Sticker bows are from February Planner Society kit, along with the bow paper matting my photo.

This happened title from a thickers sheet I bought at Hobby Lobby. 

Dimensional bow from the dollar tree.


#tbt layout #2 // Wish I knew when

scrapbook layout scrap kitten vellum washi

I thought I would start a new series: TBT Layouts. A series where I share layouts I made last year when I was trying to figure out scrapbooking.

When I started scrapbooking, I was enjoying the weekly challenges from Victoria Marie Facebook group. Last year they had Wednesday and Weekend challenges. I was inspired by one that way “I wish I knew when”. During the challenge, I couldn’t stop thinking about how the cats where playing with a bubble wand I picked up by random.

I still had not bought alot of supplies at the time so I used what I had. The background is a piece of thin paper from many years ago when my mom bought a bunch of craft supplies. I the colored velum was from a free art box I tried. The rest was either from Wal-Mart or the dollar store. Although the layout is very simple, I’m super happy I have this one for my memory book.


Digital Scrapbook Layout 01 // Valentine’s Day


At the beginning of the year, I thought I would try my hand at digital scrapbooking. I love the ease of creating on the computer. I feel I work on digital layouts much quicker then physical. I think the process is faster because I know I can CTRL Z when I “cut” a paper to short or long. I can redo and undo as many times as I like using digital scrapbooking. Another positive is the fact that most of the papers and embellishments can be found online for free.

I also love how I can try out different formats on digital before making them in physical form. Much like this is my digital version of the Valentine’s Day Layout I made a few weeks ago.

#tbt Layout #1 // Spring

Spring DIY scrapbook layout with handmade embellishments; flowers, butterflies, butterfly, flower, washi tape, painted background and bling.

I thought I would start a new series: TBT Layouts. A series where I share layouts I made last year when I was trying to figure out scrapbooking.

This was my first ever layout, a 8.5×11. I had been doing mix media for about a year when I realized that I really wanted to try scrapbooking. My only problem was I didn’t own any scrapbooking supplies. I decided make what I could, starting with the background. I used a piece of card stock that I painted with a bright green acrylic paint.


DIY butterfly embellishment watercolor sticker

Then, I worked on embellishing my layout. Both of the images above are close ups of my homemade embellishments. The first photo is a cluster of deli paper flowers that were on an envelope I received in the mail. I fussy cut them out to use in the corner of the photo. The next DIY embellishment is the watercolor butterflies. Two butterflies with smiley faces are stickers I had bought at the dollar tree. I loved the faces but the wings were to big to work on the layout. I did a light pink wash over a piece of copy paper, that I hand cut out into shapes of butterflies. The last embellishment is also the title of the layout, the spring flower. The word spring is a sticker that someone sent me in happy mail. I cut a round shape out of the watercolor wash to use as the center. The petals of the flower are really two post-it flowers that I also hand cut to use.

I don’t feel this layout is the best looking but one that helped me start scrapbooking. Each item was made with love. I hope you enjoyed.

Scrapbook Layout #2 // Hello Love Vday 2016

Valentine's Day Scrapbook Layout Freckled Fawn Hello Love

This layout was inspired by a sketch by Sketches In Thyme. I love getting an email with all their sketches and ideas. When I saw the sketch back in February, I knew the sketch would work well for Valentine’s Day. Then I saw the background paper with the printed banner, and the layout just came together.


I wasn’t actually sure how Valentine’s Day was going to go this year. With my illness, winter is the worst for me so I am usually in bed about 80% of the months. Luckily, this year was a mild winter so I was able to have more good days. James and I decided to have a casual holiday by renting Redbox movies and eating a ton of Publix Cupcakes. I know totally bad but so yummy. I love how the second photos is a shot into our lives, eating cupcakes in the parking. Which we couldn’t wait to eat.

Scrapbook Layout #1 // Easter 2016

codydollartist Cody Doll Scrapbook Layout Easter Candy

This layout was one that just fell together nicely. I was really inspired by  The Crafty Maven Getaway, Sketches In Thyme, and the elements I pulled for the layout. Both the Crafty Maven and Sketches In Thyme had inspirational pieces that involved circles. I really liked the idea but I’m not a big person on circles or dots. When I realized that I had an Easter layout to make and could use the eggs instead of circles, then the layout just fit together.


January #blessingsketches

When I thought about how God told me my word of the year was Peace, I thought of different things He might want me to achieve. As I sat in Him and listen, I hear Him whisper ‘I want you to count your blessings’. At first I wasn’t sure how that could bring me peace but I obeyed. I obeyed out of the respect I have for the Lord and out of the fact that counting what I am grateful would never harm me. As week one turned into week two I noticed small actions that might have gone unnoticed. I started to count many more blessings in one day. I was learning to let myself not come to anger, fear, and anxiety  as easily. I was thanking God for all that He has made, small or large.
What an incredible month of blessings it has been.

  1. Holy Bible
  2. Donald, the local duck
  3. Sketch App for android
  4. Energy
  5. My inhaler
  6. Hot Water
  7. Happy Mail
  8. Michaels Haul
  9. Fresh Air
  10. VC Andrews Movies
  11. David Bowie
  12. Love
  13. Clean Carpets
  14. Naps
  15. Phone with Mom
  16. Robin Sighting
  17. Conversation
  18. New Blog
  19. Stamp Ink
  20. Fiona, stuffed giraffe
  21. Scrapbooking
  22.  Early Morning
  23. Stairs
  24. Pillow
  25. Electricity
  26. Stars Wars 4 & 5
  27. Buttons
  28. Butter Nose, a raccoons
  29. Gilmore Girls Return!!
  30. Neko Atsume, a kitty app
  31. Mini Storage Trays