Sketch a day // February 2017


Normally I’d post all the photos individually but I deleted them to make room. Luckily I did have this flipgram video. Enjoy.


Scrapbooking 2017 // Girl Boss

Normally I dislike using girl boss for many reasons I won’t go on about, however, I do like using here talking about my me feeling like a million buck in the outfit. Granted nothing I own is high in and this outfit might be considered ‘frumpy’ but it works for me and my body. Win. 

Products: background paper, bird card, sequins and small stickers by Planner Society kit. Pink stamped words by Felicity Jane. Title alphas by Sticko (hobby lobby). 

25th Birthday

My birthday was Monday, the day I usually try to post but skipped this week.

I feel I should write something profound, embark some wisdom or knowledge or maybe a few of my funny stories I have.  Maybe I will. I don’t really have plans for this post.

I guess I never saw myself hitting this number. When I was younger, all I could image was turning 16, get my licence and drive away. Of course, several events happened that caused me to stay and I’m grateful for that. However, I still never saw myself at 25. If I did see myself, it was a blurry image of a single mom with so many kids, broken and alone.

Praise God that He has a plans for us! That His plan is bright and splendid.

Now I’m 25. I learn more about myself and the world around me everyday. I don’t know where I will be in 5 years but that’s okay. I know God is wonderful. I know that with God in charge of my life, I can drive though the night with headlights off (metaphorically speaking). I have a joy and peace in Him. Amen? Amen!

So no art this week but next.



Writing my first post onto my new blog, I am a little nervous and scared. I’m not sure how well this blog will do. I have already worked on two failed blog, putting in three years of work. However, the blogs and work wasn’t all a waste. I found art and creativity and through those I have found myself.
Who am I? I am Cody Doll. I have been creating on and off all my life. I can’t remember a time without a pen, pencil, marker or paint in my hand. My childhood life was a mess of a broken family. I escaped through creating art and reading books. Although I didn’t realize how passionate I was for either til 2014. As I attend my third semester into collage, my health declined before I finally had to drop out. I was going through serious stomach issues with unknown causes. During the hard times, I created art more then I ever did. I was creating art daily and art saw me through those rough seas. Now in 2015, I feel my health is finally where I can function and I feel normal but I still create art. Art has found me and I found myself though art.
That’s how important art feels to me. Once I knew that, I realized I wanted to create a place to share.
A digital studio.
After taking many months to think and develop, I now welcome you to my site all about my creativity. I want to writing about journals, project life, scrapbooking, pretty planning, “ugly” planning, different styles of art and more. You can gain valuable information about creativity from these posts, at least I hope so. Let us create a community full of positive creative people.
Welcome to Cody Doll Studio.