Doodle Deck Week 2


In case your not on instagram, you probably should be. There’s tons of challenges post every month to keep artist (and those not brace enough to call themselves artist) busy. There’s where I found out about a create your own card deck challenge. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about what image I choose for the prompt and why I picked the image. Below are the images and descriptions for week 2.


8 – song lyrics. I chose “It’s only forever, it’s not long at all.” By David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth as he was Goblin King. I chose to draw a fairy from the open scene of the maze. I felt it was appropriate since most fae stories are them whisking humans off to the fae realm.


9 – Something scary. I drew what looks like a green blob or a big splat but this represents what I’m actually irrationally scared of which is spiders. It also has a double meaning of being scared of something when you shouldn’t.


10 – something sharp. This one took me a while to figure out but I finally decided to sketch mountains. Not only are the rocks on the mountains sharp. I feel mountains also represents warnings or challenges like the prompt is moving us toward.


11 Tic-Tac-Toe Game. tictactoe with a space open or empty. I went very whimsical with an outside game of roses and leaves. I feel there is nothing more fun or magical then working with what you own. I prefer to look at the space not as empty or blank but open, letting whoever is playing to will the game to end or left untouched. A special meaning depends on the situation.


12 -Complete this drawing, which was a simi-bottom circle. I decided that it was the bottom of this baby elephant ear. I felt I needed an elephant in my deck since that is my partner’s spirit animal.


13 -Scribble wildly. I decided to make my scribbles into something. Surprisingly I chose a womb with baby slowly emerging from the chaos, much how I feel most of us our conceived.

14 – Your word of the year over and over. I really love how this turned out. Not only can you see what my word is but I repeated the word over and over cleverly. I made this with the inspiration of moss agate mineral. 


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