Doodle Deck Week 1


In case your not on instagram, you probably should be. There’s tons of challenges post every month to keep artist (and those not brace enough to call themselves artist) busy. That site is where I found out about a create your own card deck challenge. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about what image I choose for the prompt and why I picked the image. Below is week one.



1. Spiral- I can’t think spiral without thinking labyrinth and maze. Which much like life has two meanings to me. It could be to get lost in a scary maze with no map or it could be you fall into a wonderland world where you meet so many people. It all depends on how you look at it.


2. Arrow- Often times in my artwork arrows are symbols to guide your eye. They are meant to take you somewhere. The lead, they point, they direct. That’s how I see arrows, going somewhere. Arrows always have a place to go and don’t leave you hanging.

3. Asleep- I love to sleep during a new moon. I feel as if the world is quiet while it’s dark out and the moon has no power or pull to say otherwise. I sleep better during these times.

4. Awake- “When sun is awake, I am awake” Anna from Frozen. What she said is very true. In the summertime as we get closer to the equinox, I hardly sleep because the sun is out over 10 hours. I’m up and doing things.

5. Love- when I think of imaginary for love, I think of music notes and record players, of all the musicians writing songs about the things the love or lost. About how we play or sign happy music when we are in love and how we listen to the sad songs when we loose love ones. How music is very much apart of the beat of our hearts.

6. Non-dominate hand portrait- It is said that by drawing with your non dominant hand, your brain chooses something completely different then if you drew normal. In the self portrait, the non-dominate hand draws your inner self, or the hidden self. In my personal card, I drew features I wouldn’t have drawn and of course my bohemian/Indian self always comes out in portraits, even though I’m a readheaded Viking.

7. Draw with dominant hand portrait- Funny how just like in real life you find the one flaw you hate and can’t get over, much like the drawing with my dominant hand. I drew on lines for my indent upper lip and it turned out like a mustache so I tried to erase what I did in pen. Much like real life, there’s only so much you can do to “fix your flaws” before you realize you have to accept them. I guess in the way, acceptance is the key word.


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