#tbt Layout #1 // Spring

Spring DIY scrapbook layout with handmade embellishments; flowers, butterflies, butterfly, flower, washi tape, painted background and bling.

I thought I would start a new series: TBT Layouts. A series where I share layouts I made last year when I was trying to figure out scrapbooking.

This was my first ever layout, a 8.5×11. I had been doing mix media for about a year when I realized that I really wanted to try scrapbooking. My only problem was I didn’t own any scrapbooking supplies. I decided make what I could, starting with the background. I used a piece of card stock that I painted with a bright green acrylic paint.


DIY butterfly embellishment watercolor sticker

Then, I worked on embellishing my layout. Both of the images above are close ups of my homemade embellishments. The first photo is a cluster of deli paper flowers that were on an envelope I received in the mail. I fussy cut them out to use in the corner of the photo. The next DIY embellishment is the watercolor butterflies. Two butterflies with smiley faces are stickers I had bought at the dollar tree. I loved the faces but the wings were to big to work on the layout. I did a light pink wash over a piece of copy paper, that I hand cut out into shapes of butterflies. The last embellishment is also the title of the layout, the spring flower. The word spring is a sticker that someone sent me in happy mail. I cut a round shape out of the watercolor wash to use as the center. The petals of the flower are really two post-it flowers that I also hand cut to use.

I don’t feel this layout is the best looking but one that helped me start scrapbooking. Each item was made with love. I hope you enjoyed.


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